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Paying so fast – the turbo transfer

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Transfer money from one account to another within 10 seconds, both at home and abroad – that sounds utopian? But it is not. The new turbo or real-time transfer makes it possible!

What is a real-time transfer?

Real-time bank transfer, also known as instant payment, allows you to transfer money to another account within seconds.

  • Where is that possible? Simply via your online or mobile banking.
  • How does it work? The turbo transfer is just like any other transfer: In the well-known online form, you enter the recipient and the amount to be transferred. Select the option Real-Time Bank Transfer – done. The money then lands in seconds to the recipient, provided that its bank offers the option of turbo transfer as well. Whether this is so, you will see during the transfer process. If the receiving bank does not participate in the procedure and turbo-transfer is therefore not possible, you can not select this option online either.
  • When does it work? Quick money transfer with Sparkasse and other participating banks – not only around the clock but also on weekends and public holidays.
  • Where is it going? Insofar as the respective bank participates in the process of turbo transfer, you can use these to transfer money both domestically and abroad.
  • How fast is that? The money lands on the account of the specified recipient within 10 seconds.

What is the difference between a turbo transfer and a standard transfer?

Image result for differenceFor a standard transfer, the legislator stipulates that the money must be in the account of the recipient within a bank working day. Each bank has a specific acceptance period for the transfer. If you initiate the transfer within this period to the general opening hours of your credit institution, the money is usually on the same working day in the account of the recipient. Otherwise, it will take until the next day. If there is a holiday or a weekend in between, it can take even a few more days to complete. The turbo transfer checks immediately if all the specified data, such as IBAN and BIC, are correct. If that is the case, the money will be transferred immediately. There are no restrictions with regard to times or Sundays and public holidays.

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Overview of differences between real-time and standard referrals

Standard transfer

  • Money is usually within a bank working day at the receiver
  • Unlimited transfer amounts depending on the daily limit or amount available on the account
  • Unlimited within the SEPA payment area possible

Turbo Transfer

  • Money is within 10 seconds at the receiver
  • Amounts up to a maximum of € 15,000
  • Transfer to all banks participating in the instant payment process

In which situations does the turbo transfer offer itself?

In different situations, it can make sense to be able to transfer money quickly with the savings bank and other banks. Here are just a few examples:

  • In case you have forgotten to settle an invoice: With the turbo transfer, you transfer money soon and thus save any dunning fees.
    • If you need to pay your car to the car dealer: Thanks to instant payment, you can save yourself the burden of carrying large sums of money.
    • If you want to pay invoices immediately, in order to benefit from savings advantages.
    • If your grandchild has a birthday and you want to give him a cash gift at a specific time.
    • If you have discovered a rarity at the flea market that you want to secure by making a quick payment.
    • If you have a date with a friend and you do not have cash with you, but would like to share the cost of the restaurant visit. With Turbo Transfer, half of the amount is quickly on your friend’s account.

What are the benefits of a real-time transfer – an overview

  • Make transfers in seconds
  • Easy operation via mobile or online banking
  • From anywhere – at home on the PC or via smartphone on the road
  • Transfer money around the clock, without limitation on Sundays and public holidays
  • Both at home and abroad