Do you often get money to pay out? – Flexible Loans

The situation where money is missing before paying to cover unexpected expenses is not just about the socially disadvantaged. On the contrary, people with average and slightly above average earnings often face it. Exceptional expense can make a hole in an otherwise carefully balanced budget and hit daily operations. This specific financial need accommodates a flexible loan.

Everyone can get into problems with temporary lack of finances. It is natural, because days, weeks and months do not always go the same and there is a need to respond flexibly to the emerging financial needs. Incapacity for work due to sudden illness or injury, delayed pay, unpaid customer invoices, urgent medical and medical expenses, tuition fees, clubs and leisure activities for children, holidays, purchase of valuable gifts, purchase of electronic equipment or even time-limited action offer to respond quickly. This is a random list of the most common cases that may occur beyond the regular expenses of every person’s life, whether in employment or self-employed.


Serratum Credit – a financial reserve offering re-drawing

Serratum Credit - a financial reserve offering re-drawing

A situation where a few thousand are missing before paying out unexpected expenditures, many people deal with a classic micro loan before payout. However, due to the fact that the applicant is able to repay all or at least part of the loan within a few days or weeks and thus settle its debt, it is not financially advantageous. This need is better matched by a loan to pay out on the basis of a financial reserve with arbitrary repayment, which can be repeatedly drawn as needed. When paying the entire amount owed, the savings on interest paid may be up to 70% compared to a normal loan. Serratum Bank offers a flexible Serratum Credit virtual loan of up to CZK 35,000. This limit can be used entirely, or only partially, depending on your needs. You can also decide each month whether you pay the full amount or just a minimal installment. In addition, the redeemed money is available for re-use at any time. You only pay interest and other fees when you actually use the money. So, when you manage to cover your own resources, you pay nothing, even for keeping this account.


Money immediately without long handling and paperwork

Money immediately without long handling and paperwork

The emergence of unplanned spending often goes hand in hand with the immediate need to gain access to borrowed money, without the need for long approval in the classic bank and other unnecessary paperwork. The money spent under the Serratum Credit product is there to help solve the individual situation of clients immediately. You can simply apply for them online in just a few clicks. All applications are reviewed immediately, with an average of 15 minutes running from the time the application is submitted to the account. Once you have set up Serratum Credit, you can send money online to your account at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, weekdays, and weekends.